In March 2018, Christophe and Steven had the opportunity to speak at and attend the 1st Digital HR Summit in Amsterdam, organised by the team at Stamford Global.

The conference enabled learning from thought leaders on Digital HR and allowed for showcasing a series of best practices and cases by organisations on the forefront of Digital HR including ABN Amro, Schiphol Airport and Deutsche Telekom. It became clear that Digital HR is a topic that is on the mind of HR managers and executives, yet there remain questions on what Digital HR is and how to start with it.

We all agree that digitalisation is having a profound impact on business, people and organisation. Tech is a strong driver but certainly not the only one. Technology drives change in behaviour, expectations and even organisational culture. HR is well positioned to guide organisations and people in the digitisation journey!

We had the opportunity to do a short interview with IE Business School’s Milo Jones and Deutsche Telekom’s Tina Riester to capture their feedback and insights.

Milo Jones

As expert in AI, Milo Jones provides a perspective on how Human and Artificial should go hand in hand for success.


Tina Riester

As a leader in Digital HR and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom, Tina shares her insights on what makes a successful Digital HR approach in business.

A great thank you to Milo and Tina for their time and and the many conference speakers for their insights and passion for Digital HR. We look forward to the next conference.